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It’s very rarely you get to hear this from a home-sick, ghar-ka-khana craving, new-in-the-city kid(what? hey! it’s just been 3 months! oh, pfffft fine…) but I love my new place!!I just moved in here from a small torture cell disguised as a PG and this new place is absolute heaven and not just by comparison!


  • Beach right at my back-doorstep.
  • Library(the kind of library with nice books in it and not just romantic mills and boons collections… and ooh it smells nice)
  • The yummiest lebanese food joint at a too short a walk from here (not enough of a walk to burn off the calories from  said yummiest lebanese food)
  • Free internet at my place, which means I can throw off the yoke of heavy-internet-bill tyranny.

I could go on… but, you know, in the interests of preserving readership…



    see, this is the honeymoon phase. This place is flawless… it’s true!

    ok, fine.. no place is perfect. I have a small, small room in a PG with a wash basin in it (converted the dining area space into a room, see)… and said wash basin stinks. all the time. S.T.I.N.K.S.

    The only way to counter the stink is to keep the A/C turned on all the time( I dont know how that works.. but stinkless!), which means putting on the yoke of heavy-A/C- bill tyranny and, of course, brain freezing cold. Anyhoo…



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    It’s beautiful isn’t it, the things mothers do.

    “Mummy, I want to be a princess for a day.”

    I was five. Cranky. And had just woken up from a very disturbed sleep.


    And she took me seriously.

    She fashioned a sari out of a fancy dupatta. There was powder. There was lipstick. Nail polish! Red! Bright, bright red! And blush too! The pallu of the sari went around my head and was pinned there in style. And then, I was allowed to sit with my parents and have tea.

    I remember the self conscious handling of the tea things. The attempt at a graceful walk. The hesitance to even speak lest the lipstick be disturbed. Watching the delicate movement of my fingers from the corner of my eye.  And when my mother replied to my father’s raised eyebrow with “She’s a princess today”, I remember blushing to the very tips of my toes.

    I have only  a vague memory of all this. Faint images,  each with its own set of associated emotions. It’s too fleeting, almost as if the hint of another thought will dissolve them. And yet I have clutched on to those memories. She humored me. A five yr old’s silly request.

    It’s beautiful isn’t it, the things mothers do.


    PS: I was just going through this insanely funny thing on xkcd, go read it!

    So, it’s Dec 31st and everybody was making plans at the workplace ( I cannot say this enough times. It’s been 2 months already. A paycheck’s come and gone. And yet. I have a job now…lalalaaaa!). People looked like they were sitting together and discussing their respective work-types stuff, but really, it was just a facade. Everybody was going to do something fun. Something unspeakably wild. And by God they were going to do it tonight. I even saw a bunch of people assemble with military precision and march off toward proposed destination of said fun. Another set zoomed past in shiny helmets and bikes with nether a backward glance.

    I assure you dear friends, I had the lamest start to the new year. No big parties.No big bills. Just a small, quiet affair in the room, in the company of close friends and a chocolate cake.I had sev puri and milkshake to celebrate the coming of another year and very tamely went off to sleep before sunrise. The other roomies did have their share of wild fun. But there’s a gag order. And it’s strict.
    What we all did have in abundance, though, was resolutions. Ash’s resolution was to not make any. Ap’s was to sleep early. Ys was largely successful in keeping up her resolve, the room still stinks darlingsss. And then there’s mine. It’s secret. It’s almost a wish, so I dont want to say anything and jinx it. Fingers crossed!
    Here’s some of the other resolutions I’ve made this year:
    * Get pretty.

    * Start saving! If all the paychecks go the way this one went, I’ll be a fat, pimply thing with loads of clothes that dont fit.

    * Ooooooooh exercise!

    * Learn to be more considerate. Anyone that’s been with Pr (roomie!) will tell you that, you can’t be friends with her and not want to learn to be as kind and as considerate as her.
    How was your new year’s? Was it as lame as mine? Did you have fun with a vengaence? Resolutions?
    Toodles y’all.  Happy New Year!

    It’s waaayyy past midnight, girlsies and boysies, and I say this because it is a wholly unnatural and ungodly hour to be venting about self-esteem issues. It’s not long that you live with five pretty girls flitting about the room daintily, before beginning to feel like an elephant in tights. I also have the top bunk, which means a whole lot of inelegant and very unladylike pirrouette-ing before finally hitting the runway, every morning. every.single.morning. Not good for the self esteem, ESPECIALLY when there’s Ap looking like she just got back from Vogue’s “Off-to-bed” photo shoot.

    1) I want to be beautifuuuuulllll. I want James Blunt to take one look at me and compose another master piece that sounds a lot like “You’re Beautiful”.

    My cousin’s all a-married now, but when she first announced to her parents that she was ready to get married, I only remember well…no, no, no , no, no. No new-age, educated woman could be ready for marriage at 23. 23! thats’ not even a quarter of a decade! Buuuuut, then she went and became her mother-in-law’s favorite and has a husband(!) with whom she takes lovey dovey pics and posts on facebook.

    2)I want to be all domestic! I want to be able to knit a sweater, cook three damn tasty meals a day, model my house like something straight out of “Home Decor”, save a woman from dying and all this with perfectly manicured nails and THEN go out and take super-awesome couple  pics and post them on facebook.

    Ar, back from tenth grade, was the awesomest person I knew. She was doing stuff on the internet when it was still called The Internet and chatting and AOL were inseperable. suuuuperrr cool. She was pretty good with her guitar and sometimes sat down staring into space, thinking hard about some  new composition she was making up. She was winning all the races at school and the teachers were debating if she had more potential as the sports captain or as the cultural-activities captain. Alllsooooo, and here’s what I heart…she had that cool, tomboy thing going on for her.

    3)I want to be multi-talented. I want to, want to, want to play a sport AND look elegant and graceful as I kick the ball straight into the goal, or tee it right into the hole or bat it right out of the stadium or whatever. I want to learn to play an instrument and then release a single that totally goes viral. I want random people to point at me while I nonchalantly sip my juice on a hot day, and say “There sips juice, the latest internet billionaire.”

    I have a job now dear friends, and it makes my heart happy to say it, type it or even just mouth it slowly. However, in the course of the past few weeks I have come across all sorts of people. The kind that wears glasses and solves coding-mysteries. The kind that could tell you everything that is wrong with the Iphone or the Kindle or even Twitter and then go out and make their version and become wildly popular or incredibly rich or whatever.

    4)I have to find a way to become more geeky. And enjoy it. ummm….ok, not so much this one.

    Aaaaanywayyy, you get the point.

    In which we get headaches…

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    Its been a good weekend, if not a little crazy. what with the room mates (hold it! let me savour the words, roll them in my mouth a little… i have room mates now lalala,I live in this big city all alone with what-are-those-things-called? yes, room mates… roomies… f-room-iends…hee hee) staying up all night in a crazy lets-watch- 90210-episodes-back- to-back, and then having a terrible headache today morning and not being able to get out of bed, followed by the most amazingly delicious pizza I have ever had in all my life.

    anyway, the job is good. i must say though, this training business is really bad for the health. frazzles the nerves n all. makes you stay up all night, reading messed up code that simply does nothing for the eyes. dark cirles et al. the only silver lining? The “life skills” sessions. sessions designed to make you dress up, speak up and do both well. I particularly like the oral and written communication sessions. I mean, the trainer’s awesome. You feel the entire 3 month tor-training-ture is worth it just for the pure pleasure of having met him. Bunch of average students, the charismatic and motivated young teacher/coach/prof  driving them to excel, very hollywood. More about him, in the next post.

    okie….gtg, the f-room-iends ( i like that word, it grows on me) have planned another late night movie session and i seem to be holding them up.

    toodles y’all…

    I so totally abandoned my blog… it’s true….for nearly 8 months now, I have enjoyed a perfectly eventful, news-worthy life which I have simply not updated here. not that anyone’s reading. Hello empty-air, we meet again…

    In the coming weeks, I hope to make this blog a major internet attraction, a blogebrity, if you will…*sits back and looks at the sentence with a warm fuzzy feeling. then considers putting her finger on the backspace button. and then a what-the-hell-who’s-reading-this-anyway moment*

    Anyway, as the title mentions, I have a job now. a cool shiny IT job. ok alright, a cool shiny IT job with lots of training and learning and orientations in the process. but a job none-the-less. I’ve had to move to a different city and to a whole new set of people to hang out with. It’s been stressful but it’s been worth it. Fingers crossed for what’s ahead!



    My weight obsession

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    I always knew I was over-weight. in a you-look-big-but-i-wouldn’t-call-you-fat way. Then I did get fat. Then started all those days of feeling fat but defiant about it (so what, I’ve got all these other qualities you know), of feeling weird shopping, of putting all my clothes in cold storage and wearing drab stuff…

    aaaaaaaaanyway…I got a job last month and the thing about getting a new job was that I suddenly felt like a fraud. I used to have dreams of me being all grown-up and working and independent and in all those dreams I was always fit. always.

    A month of obsessively weighing myself, obsessively reading labels and obsessively trawling the net for diet-friendly snack ideas and …TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…i’ve lost 10 kgs!!!!! it’s true…cross my heart and hope to die!!!

    I’m soooooooooo super excited!!! my old clothes are out of cold storage (AND out of fashion)…but they fit!!