manthan….all’s well that ends well… learnt the hard way

Posted: October 8, 2008 in college types stuff
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i’ve resurfaced after a week of hectic activity…..was selected for manthan (organized by KIMS,hubli) as part of the dramatics team….after a whole week of coming home late and bunking classes like crazy….reward at last!!! won second in streetplay category and third in movie spoof category!!!!college even bagged second in mad ads category….all in all a good haul…

all credit to the entire team that worked on it…

karan,prakash, rakesh,namita,anil,basu,sahil and moi…..great job guys… fully enjoyed the experience…

the only thing where i guess we messed up is the end of our movie spoof where poor prakash didnt realize that the mike was switched off when he mouthed the last line… abrupt and weird end… we console ourselves with the thought that we deserved first except for the glitch…. no regrets….

i’ll try to get the videos… till next time…tats

  1. bvb student says:

    i like your blog.
    a junior.

  2. rumana says:

    hahahahahaa……sam…a fan…already…nycccc…….

  3. Hi there

    Great share, thanks for your time

  4. Jamie Iomo says:


    Definitely gonna recommend this post to a few friends

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