no comments…. :(

Posted: November 1, 2008 in random

Yes, I know now… I always knew i would have to face the day… Yes, yes.

I don’t get any comments.

Sad and unfortunate as it is I now see the positive side of it all. No comments = No ‘interested’ viewers, which means that i can seriusly write about whatever i like and nobody’de give a damn…sniff not sam, someday the randomness of your posts will attract all of the world and you will get a book contract… until then…

  1. naaz says:

    hey gurl don cry the blog s good ppl are jus too busy to comment so chill…ur vtu fest xperience seems lik fun

  2. rumana says:

    shammmz….it was so funny…mn quality writin this one…..mum lved it 2…nd riz aunt…
    PS: i dint read this..

  3. rumana says:

    sry i was takin bout d indian men 1…

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