Of the stinky poor

Posted: November 15, 2008 in my life
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I’ve got this sick taste in my mouth… all bitter and yuck!!! Food tastes so bad and the worst part is i’m hungry.famished.starving.

And why am i stinking?! I hate being bed-ridden… it’s like i’m dying. I am also getting very whiny which is why i have decided to talk about my other favourite topic :  My forever-empty wallet. 

Is it something about being in college? because i’m not getting it. I have taken to maintaining a low-profile (woohoo page 3 me!), giving up on favorite cookies (chocolate chip variety…mmmmmm) and singing “I saw mommy kiss Santa under the christams tree” in the shower. It helps. Trust me.

The poverty stricken me has also thought of other measures to cut down on expenses. I promise myself i will not window shop at all the bakeries on the way home. I also don’t look bus conductors in the eye anymore. And my broken shoes. Well, they’re still broken. 

Btw, keping myself real busy has always worked. The other day, somebody asked me if I could help them design a poster for blah event. I did it and it was fab and people were raving about it forever after that. So, now when somebody gives me the raised-eyebrow “what do you do, beta?”, I say “I design posters”. Way Impressive.

but posters don’t pay the bills dah-ling… I feel BPL…

So for those of you interested in helping keep my financial boat afloat (boat afloat? nice. has a ring to it, no?) need only hear my own rendition of “i saw mommy kiss Santa under the christmas tree”. Yes Yes, very moving.

  1. Naaz says:

    ha ha. I like the way you put it. feel the same way too!!! It sounds funny when you say it but believe me i know what you’re going through RottenShoes!!
    love you always. this has become a regular read!i’m addicted!!!

  2. suza says:

    Great, rotten shoes!!!! i loeuws it be!!!

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