My perfect birthday!!

Posted: November 21, 2008 in my life
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I’ve got a set of tests beginning tomorrow so I thought I should let you all know that I’m very busy this week. Very Busy. Hear that? All those who think I’m basically a lazy, fat thing that sleeps it’s way through college…hear that??! 

Anyway I’ve just discovered a nice happy thing that’s rising like a nice little happy bubble in my heart. Anyone who has known me since I was in 7th grade will know what a huge Harry Potter fan I am…and not the movies, the books…I luuuuurv the books, I only like the movies…and no, my mental picture of Harry is not Daniel Radcliffe ( yay for discovering HP much before the movies were even planned!!!)

Okieeeeeeeee so back to that happy fact inside my heart…I was just re-reading the 7th book to, you know, refresh my memory of all the delicious details… and then I was just reading this interesting part about how harry is at his parents’ graves and he’s reading their tombstones… and I, as usual, skipped that part cos I never really read dates n stuff properly (courtsy boring history text books in school) and then suddenly my eyes do a double take…

whoa!!!! you know what?? I share my bday with harry potter’s dad!!!!

I luuurv my bday suddenly… imagine, J.K. Rowling actually sat there chewing her pen, staring at her blank sheet poised after the words “James Potter” and she’s thinking what dates to write and then she has to go and write my birth date!!!!! I luuuuurv my bday…

Anyway I really must get back to studying ( sometimes, I feel like I’ve forgotten the art of studying…)

…the books beckon…toodle doo


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