Woohooo… my first comment thats NEGATIF!!!

Posted: December 4, 2008 in random
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Wooohooooo… congratulate me!!!!Today, I finally recieved the first comment that contradicts me on any topic!!!(considering the fact that my family reads this, it is in itself, i guess, an achievement..;) )

So, lets analyze … How It Was That Kanimas Got Her First negatif …

(or KanKan… can I call myself KanKan, dear reader? I quite like KanKan… sits nicely in most sentences.. oooooh look at that famous financier, KanKan!!!… say it with me KanKan…KanKan…KanKan…see… it even fits into the chant so well…)

First off, I decided to go and write about a really… what shall we say… controversial topic for all those teenaged girls not allowed to stay out after a certain time of the evening…it was about how men are weird are anyway

Secondly I took an approach that’s very…umm how shall i put it.. constructive criticism-y types… 

Thirdly, dear reader, I actually spoke about a class… a subset of men… clearly people still felt the need to generalize… should i have included a disclaimer??

(Disclaimer: The views expressed by KanKan are indeed about a subset of men and not about men in general…the subset generally includes gruff, 45+, shirt untucked with chappals kinda men…so in case u u don’t fit into that… well, u know…)

Now, let us analyze the comment itself (my first you know!…sniff!)


I am seriously asking have you seen or have done any studies on this topic.?
cause u dont have any other job and u r husband is some one like the men u described in the topic above..
any way i am not going to argue. come to india and go mumbai , banglore pune or delhi or any cities..and just watch..


Soooooo, I need to tell all of u that I really did a lot of research before writing that Indian men article. Seriously. The library staff at my engineering college will tell you tales of sleepless nights when i would murmur to myself  frantically through drooping lids, “have to do studies on this topic… have to…zzzzzzzzzz”..

Of course the fact that I

1)Already live in India

2)Am a twentyish thing and very husband-less at the moment

did not deter a certain someone from putting that here… nevertheless, I enjoyed it for what it was… an intellectual debate and most importantly constructive criticism… thanks samy, made my day!!!

Toodle doo


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