Recession…what did I do to deserve this?

Posted: March 30, 2009 in random
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I don’t like 9 letter words. Especially not if they start with R and end in N and … well, no points for guessing since you’ve been through the title, I’ll be frank and admit it. I hate anything that even rhymes with the word “Recession”.

I’m the kind of person that usually is only bothered about mundane stuff like the temperature of water in the shower even as a dozen or so politicians, somewhere, are charting out the path of my nation. I’d prefer to curl my toes and snuggle tight in bed than endure any heavy make-up deliver my daily dose of news on TV. Newspapers – Ahaha.

So, it should come as a surprise to the common man when I now declare that for the past six months, I have, in fact, been following the fortunes of various random far-away corporations and organizations (collective gasp audible). You see, while politician A told politician B that that his gang was basically nothing but a bunch of mice on a high and while actor A declared to the world his love for actor B and while actor B promptly sued for divorce, I had nothing more pressing to worry about than my chipped nails, the mouse under my bed and the temperature of the water in the afore-mentioned shower. You can imagine how the unmentionable R-word totally put me out by announcing itself not just in the morning papers but also in my life. And it’s obvious.

It started slowly. First, there was the pink slip. Mine. I couldn’t afford to mend my other slips and had to make do with pink slips under green outfits. Then there was the pink slip. Mine. Again. Umm…well let’s just say, I’m a full time home-maker now. The R-word…hmmph.  The temperature of the aforementioned hot w. in the s. made itself conspicuous by its absence. The shoes were the first to announce to the world about my general broke-ness (it’s hard to not notice when you have duct tape running the length of your heels). And when you can’t pay the bills, you will invariably end up arriving at evening parties with nightmarish make-up, courtesy the electricity department’s gift, darkness. Also, there was the troubling fact that the house maid pink-slipped herself because she didn’t think it wise to remain employed by an unemployed me.

Anyway, it’s been hard as it is to go on this way. But well, I pretty much lost it today. I couldn’t take it anymore, see? The pulse quickened and the spine chilled. None of that cool-intellect- and-calmness-of-the-mind business: The bank balance. I still remember math class in school, when Mr. V. Bhupati would say something about the ‘absolute’ zero and I would quietly chuckle inward about how zero would still be zero with or without Mr. V. Bhupati’s absoluteness. However, no chuckle escaped my lips now. Whither the courage of the heart and the steely nature of the soul? Zero had decided that it did indeed need a first name. Absolute. Absolutely. Broke. Me.

There was nothing for it now. I gave up everything in life. Little luxuries, or well, maybe big. Something had to be done and it had to be done quick. I invested all that I could from the A. Zero and set up my own business. I made a lot of money and then lived happily after. FYI, about my business… I manufacture pink paper. For pink slips.



I’m unemployed. But that isn’t because i was slipped a pink slip :)…However, if i do decide to get a job in the near future i would love to have all your support…you can read about it here.

  1. matt says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Damsel's got a thought says:

    and of course recession is sucking the life out of me too. seriously what did any of us do to deserve this!;)

  3. SVN says:

    very true… i know, i’m going through it

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