The band that never will

Posted: May 17, 2009 in my life, random
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So, it started like this. Ar said we’d be great together (“we” as in the gang, don’t look at me like that). Lb did look at me like that. “This is a bad idea” she mouthed in whispery slo-mo when she thought Ar wasn’t looking. “I don’t know a thing about guitars,” she stole a glance toward Ar “those drums might break from your lack of skill and frankly, these clothes are silly…” 

I nodded in agreement, but as was often the case with Ar’s grand ideas, I knew it would pass. She walked around like a monkey on a high and it did my heart good to know that she was going to ditch this plan soon. 

She introduced me to english movies at a time when it was scandalous to even check out the posters at home. She showed me that it really was ok to eat out when there was home-made stuff. She showed me sleeping n going out in the same clothes, brushing teeth after lunch and long calls. She showed me illegal Kazaa and hyper active thinking and talking on the phone in the bathroom.
Ar grew me up a little and now she isn’t even in my life.

strange, non?


anyway, it’s that time of the year and it always makes me wistful.

  1. Radhika says:

    i had a friend like that too

  2. Merry Loser says:

    yo dat remnded me of myslf u sure im nt ar?

  3. Slip of the tongue says:

    me too radhika, i had a friend just like that ar person but i have no idea where he is now. freaky

  4. Shruti says:

    aww…that is so cute! :’) reminds me of me and my vanilla bear 🙂

  5. Torino's says:

    oh yay what were were u thinking hen u wrote this pieece of trash u sound immature gal and frlankly your blog’s getting bkoring

  6. Torino's says:

    wat wer u thkinking hen u rote this pieece of trsh ur blog is bkoring

  7. KK says:

    a friend like that is so coming-of-age-y

  8. KanKan says:

    @ Torino’s: typo, typo, typo, troll

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