Each day brings with it

Posted: June 7, 2009 in my views, random

Brings with it pain. and joy.
confidence. rejection.
acceptance. humiliation.
and sometimes the realization that you can hurt too.

ok, HEAVY…but I like surprising myself with these things. makes me feel all grown-uppy..

  1. riz says:

    Look up, sammy
    You’ll see a star
    Just follow it and keep your dreams in view
    Pretty soon the sky is going to clear up
    Cheer up sammy,do
    Cheer up sammy
    Just be glad you’re you

  2. KanKan says:

    @riz: aha… a poem-y comment.. awww i louew you aunty!!!

  3. Imraan says:

    kya jalwe hai tere paro,
    kis ada se likhti hai sammy

    kya zindagi ke dard bhare tumme sammy
    kya sahi likha hai zinadagi bare mein sammy

    –by the way who is sammy in this episode?

  4. KanKan says:

    @imraan: she’s my aunt…sooo you’re supposed to guess at this point that she’s calling me by some nice n personal nickname…

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