Swine Flu and my cousin Naher…

Posted: August 13, 2009 in my life
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My cousin Naher is in the fifth grade, has huge eyes, a nasal twang to his voice and in general is cuter than all the kids his age I know (cos all the other kids have irritating nasal voices…I mean, there’s that fine line you walk in nasal voices; so easy to go wrong)…
So anyway, the cutest ever Naher was on his annual vacation and pretty much thought life was doing the square thing by him and was not being overly complicated which was ok till he got ill with…yes, it’s true…swine flu…
Swine Flu

here’s to you Naher..here’s hoping that your vacation isn’t wasted on fever and coughing and a runny nose that makes you fall off that fine line in quality voices….

AND here’s a poem to make you laugh:

Hello, hello
is anybody on the line?
hello, hello
are you really the swine?

Coughity cough
do you know what you’ve done?
Coughity cough
you’ve had me blowing my nose and scratching my bum

All day, all night
the fever’s by my side,
from dawn to dusk
Tamiflu’s been the diet

But now I have a secret to tell
would you really mind that, Mr. Swine?
even though, personally, you and me don’t gel so well
your flu tops any list of “how to make mommy not worry about homework and whine”!!!

and Naher has secretly been my second most favorite kid cousin of the lot…

PS: he’s better now… so yay…and all along it wasn’t even swine flu…so phew

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  2. Hiba from downtown says:

    indian? i heard its a lot in bangalore take care

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