One of those…

Posted: August 24, 2009 in my life, random
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Of the non-prose variety…The class was especially boring.. and we’d just watched an especially touching episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S… what else were we supposed to do…anyway go ahead read it..

One of those

Momma told me I was gonna get one of those;
She told me I was gonna be one of those;
They’re called friends…
She told me I’de walk up the street some day
And not see her but walk straight up to one of those
They’re called friends…

Oh and when I scraped my knee
up the stairs of your place;
And when you bruised your shin
from the cycle at my place;
We both didn’t know, we were bearing marks of our bond…

Oh and our sweaty hands clasping;
our shoeless feet dangling;
The sunlight felt brighter;
those days somehow warmer;
I never knew that all that time we were setting aside a place in our hearts…

See, momma was right.. you were one of those…

Momma told me I was gonna meet one of those;
She told me I’d leave behind some of those;

She told me I’d walk up the street someday
And see them there but walk past anyway;

See, Momma was right…You were one of those…

man…we felt sooo soppy later, all goose-bumpy and huggy… Tj, Vr, Ys, Vn, Sz, Sh and me…all of us like that..

  1. Zuccini for Breakfast says:

    My god thats such a chaddi dost description yaar

  2. Dirk says:

    youre right it is a little goosbumpy

  3. Habib says:

    pretentious bullshit if i could have a penny for every time i read such crap on the net

  4. Upside Down says:

    why so cynical?

  5. KanKan has a Mom says:

    reminds me of my own friends from college…

  6. riz says:

    that was awesome!! kankan

  7. shruti says:

    aww :”) that is so cute!which episode of friends by the way?

  8. KanKan says:

    @Zuccini for breakfast: i hope so… my chuddies haven’t had friends in a while
    @Dirk: thanks a lot of ppl agree
    @Habib: thanks
    @UpsideDown: its not that i try..
    @mom: awww mom
    @riz: thanks loads!!!
    @shruti: maybe first or second season, where carol gives birth to ben n all that…doesnt seem so “oh my god i have to dash and write a cheesy poem on friends” but it sure felt like the right time to do something like that haha

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