I GRE’d the other day

Posted: October 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

tan-feetYep, I wrote the GRE the other day…and now I’m trawling the internet looking for like-minded(read like-score-ed) souls…

Also, the sun has taken a liking to me these days and seems to follow me around a lot with the effect that I now have a watch band on my wrist and my feet look like i’m wearing white strapped sandals all.the.time.

Sh is really busy with her project and is basically on ignore-everyone mode. Tj and Vr were really sweet and came down and hugged me today cos they said they were missing me but then promptly turned around and left… Not a good time for friends all around. (except for Sz. Always Sz.)

  1. Kriti Kalwad says:

    Hey! You had called my watch band on the wrist-‘an inverse tattoo’ 🙂 You should really start remembering the things you say for later use 😉
    Good luck with the applying process!

  2. Sz says:

    kankan, please try to keep my personal issues out of the public ‘s eye, not that anyone is interested but still…kind request…from your dear friend, Sz

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