In which I yearn to become Wonder Woman

Posted: December 13, 2010 in my life, random

It’s waaayyy past midnight, girlsies and boysies, and I say this because it is a wholly unnatural and ungodly hour to be venting about self-esteem issues. It’s not long that you live with five pretty girls flitting about the room daintily, before beginning to feel like an elephant in tights. I also have the top bunk, which means a whole lot of inelegant and very unladylike pirrouette-ing before finally hitting the runway, every morning. every.single.morning. Not good for the self esteem, ESPECIALLY when there’s Ap looking like she just got back from Vogue’s “Off-to-bed” photo shoot.

1) I want to be beautifuuuuulllll. I want James Blunt to take one look at me and compose another master piece that sounds a lot like “You’re Beautiful”.

My cousin’s all a-married now, but when she first announced to her parents that she was ready to get married, I only remember well…no, no, no , no, no. No new-age, educated woman could be ready for marriage at 23. 23! thats’ not even a quarter of a decade! Buuuuut, then she went and became her mother-in-law’s favorite and has a husband(!) with whom she takes lovey dovey pics and posts on facebook.

2)I want to be all domestic! I want to be able to knit a sweater, cook three damn tasty meals a day, model my house like something straight out of “Home Decor”, save a woman from dying and all this with perfectly manicured nails and THEN go out and take super-awesome couple  pics and post them on facebook.

Ar, back from tenth grade, was the awesomest person I knew. She was doing stuff on the internet when it was still called The Internet and chatting and AOL were inseperable. suuuuperrr cool. She was pretty good with her guitar and sometimes sat down staring into space, thinking hard about some  new composition she was making up. She was winning all the races at school and the teachers were debating if she had more potential as the sports captain or as the cultural-activities captain. Alllsooooo, and here’s what I heart…she had that cool, tomboy thing going on for her.

3)I want to be multi-talented. I want to, want to, want to play a sport AND look elegant and graceful as I kick the ball straight into the goal, or tee it right into the hole or bat it right out of the stadium or whatever. I want to learn to play an instrument and then release a single that totally goes viral. I want random people to point at me while I nonchalantly sip my juice on a hot day, and say “There sips juice, the latest internet billionaire.”

I have a job now dear friends, and it makes my heart happy to say it, type it or even just mouth it slowly. However, in the course of the past few weeks I have come across all sorts of people. The kind that wears glasses and solves coding-mysteries. The kind that could tell you everything that is wrong with the Iphone or the Kindle or even Twitter and then go out and make their version and become wildly popular or incredibly rich or whatever.

4)I have to find a way to become more geeky. And enjoy it. ummm….ok, not so much this one.

Aaaaanywayyy, you get the point.

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  2. Shruti says:

    Yes it has been a long, long time. Love reading about your new life with f-room-iends 😛 and your blog looks amazing. Are you on Twitter?

  3. KanKan says:

    and its always awesome hearing from u…! yup yup new life IS lovely…how’s college treating you?

  4. Sapna says:

    interesting post about wonder woman and your wish to be like her! keep writing i enjoy your musings

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