Cake, Sev Puri and Milk Shake

Posted: January 1, 2011 in my life, random
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So, it’s Dec 31st and everybody was making plans at the workplace ( I cannot say this enough times. It’s been 2 months already. A paycheck’s come and gone. And yet. I have a job now…lalalaaaa!). People looked like they were sitting together and discussing their respective work-types stuff, but really, it was just a facade. Everybody was going to do something fun. Something unspeakably wild. And by God they were going to do it tonight. I even saw a bunch of people assemble with military precision and march off toward proposed destination of said fun. Another set zoomed past in shiny helmets and bikes with nether a backward glance.

I assure you dear friends, I had the lamest start to the new year. No big parties.No big bills. Just a small, quiet affair in the room, in the company of close friends and a chocolate cake.I had sev puri and milkshake to celebrate the coming of another year and very tamely went off to sleep before sunrise. The other roomies did have their share of wild fun. But there’s a gag order. And it’s strict.
What we all did have in abundance, though, was resolutions. Ash’s resolution was to not make any. Ap’s was to sleep early. Ys was largely successful in keeping up her resolve, the room still stinks darlingsss. And then there’s mine. It’s secret. It’s almost a wish, so I dont want to say anything and jinx it. Fingers crossed!
Here’s some of the other resolutions I’ve made this year:
* Get pretty.

* Start saving! If all the paychecks go the way this one went, I’ll be a fat, pimply thing with loads of clothes that dont fit.

* Ooooooooh exercise!

* Learn to be more considerate. Anyone that’s been with Pr (roomie!) will tell you that, you can’t be friends with her and not want to learn to be as kind and as considerate as her.
How was your new year’s? Was it as lame as mine? Did you have fun with a vengaence? Resolutions?
Toodles y’all.  Happy New Year!

  1. Leslie says:

    Interesting start to the year. Mine was spent with only the very near and dear (my cat) :p

  2. Arabian Swiss says:

    wow! why didnt you contact me? we could have hung out together. I had a damn fukd up year and i wasn’t too keen on celebrating. we could have had non-fun as we non-celebrated. ha ha. keep in touch. always enjoy this.

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