Posted: February 17, 2011 in my life, random

It’s very rarely you get to hear this from a home-sick, ghar-ka-khana craving, new-in-the-city kid(what? hey! it’s just been 3 months! oh, pfffft fine…) but I love my new place!!I just moved in here from a small torture cell disguised as a PG and this new place is absolute heaven and not just by comparison!


  • Beach right at my back-doorstep.
  • Library(the kind of library with nice books in it and not just romantic mills and boons collections… and ooh it smells nice)
  • The yummiest lebanese food joint at a too short a walk from here (not enough of a walk to burn off the calories from  said yummiest lebanese food)
  • Free internet at my place, which means I can throw off the yoke of heavy-internet-bill tyranny.

I could go on… but, you know, in the interests of preserving readership…



    see, this is the honeymoon phase. This place is flawless… it’s true!

    ok, fine.. no place is perfect. I have a small, small room in a PG with a wash basin in it (converted the dining area space into a room, see)… and said wash basin stinks. all the time. S.T.I.N.K.S.

    The only way to counter the stink is to keep the A/C turned on all the time( I dont know how that works.. but stinkless!), which means putting on the yoke of heavy-A/C- bill tyranny and, of course, brain freezing cold. Anyhoo…

    1. Ashu says:

      hmmmm it was heaven…… but now its almost like the doorstep to hell

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