About KanKan

Ok, here goes. Fresh out of college, fresh into an IT job and really lame at making sentences end right. I write about nothing in particular, except about the first thing that comes to my mind. Which makes this pretty random.

  1. rumana says:

    show off pain in d neck u hav no idea ppl…..ya u did make a difference..in our thots…thot u were sweet nd gud..nd as soon as we strtd talkin…der was a diff. in r thots…..regret…lolz…louve u samdi….

  2. rumana says:

    qu’est que ur problem sam? wen u strtd disa nd when ur tellin bout …..fool…og i so njoy commentin on u nd ur blogs..ur gonna get bugged…

  3. KanKan says:

    awwwww rumi….cmon…. whadya mean diff in thots???! the same ol dumb jokes and bad one liners wali samdi…!!!

  4. rumana says:

    joke ya!

  5. Riz says:

    Hi! Sam Last week was the busiest and lousiest week of this month, finally got to read your blog. interesting musings! now we can get to know your day to day activities. Keep posting and all the best for your exams!

  6. Shz says:

    Gr8 blog! really hillarious. its the actual you to begin with. real happy that now atleast you’ll be penning down all the stuff that needs be.
    still pondering over the “energetic” thought though 😛

  7. Shz says:

    Yee!! Me first with smileys! 😀

  8. KanKan says:

    @ shz:
    hehehe louwed the smileys…and the energetic has actually a lot to do with how much you can accomplish IN THE MIND…

  9. Meow... says:

    hey sam di missin u lotz..hoppin 2 see u soon …

    love u lotz,
    de most cuddly sisi 😉

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