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I need to say this….no more exams for like months!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh yay!


Ooooooooki… i’ve been soooo boring over the past few weeks… anyone visiting my little space would’ve noticed how i’ve been writing about weddings (weddings?! of all the…) and salt (like dude, seriously, what was that all about…)and even the odd rat under my bed…which has prompted me to do a little introspection…and introspect i have.

I now realize what’s the root cause behind my overwhelming desire to ditch the blog and start a rock band called “Smelly Undies”… it’s  college. That inverse utopia that makes me want to cry. It’s not that the horse was dead and and was still flogged, it’s more like the horse was flogged to death and a suicide note saying “I’m sorry, I chose this for myself” was taped to it.


ps: what if the donkey sued for inhumane…oh yeah..the donkey chose this…interesting..

Sorry i haven’t posted in more than a week!!! But i’ve been so entirely busy this past week… 

I represented my college at the university youth festival and it was so totally amazing….i can now proudly say i’ve attended concerts of vishal with pentagram(vishal!of vishal-shekhar fame!!!), shivmani(that amazing drummer…err and suitcase and water bottle and kitchen utensil player…(louwed it)) and raghu dixit(with his raghu dixit project) and an upcoming rock band, metal synapse which was good and an international dance school show etc etc… it was awesome and i loved being at the youth festival..every minute of it et al… 

Also, the oscar people have made my heart happy by making slumdog win in 8 categories… will you, o reader, join me in a couple of cartwheels?(wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)


btw, go read what other people had to say about the vtu fest here and here.

I can’t beleive this… I already have only a week left of my holidays, which means only 7 days of relaxed-lazing-around-the-house-without-brushing-till-noon…after which I  have to become all responsible college types and wake up in the morning really early

good night.

I am right now in the middle of a series of exams that have been such a colossal flop, that I’m beginning to wonder if I’m really as intelligent as I like to think I am… (Which I am. Totally. No doubt about it…… C’maawwwwnn, I always thought I was).

Exam-eve: Brain goes into study-induced trauma.

Exam-midnight: Symptoms worsen. Brain, now, a neural network of frenzied activity.

Around 2-ish am:

Me: Ahhh well…I give up.

Text Book: Die. Now.

Sooooooo, the exam count, right now, is 3 down 3 to go. And the nightmare ends on New Year’s Eve (Aaaah… so there’s the silver lining…smart).

Toodle doo.

Yes, it is that time of the year. The time of the year associated with gigantic books, frantic calls to friends, haywire hormones, stress pimples and a general feeling of being a loser.

If this was fifth grade, it would also be the time of the year for us to write poetry like:

 History is a mystery,

English feels like gibberish…

Ah well. This is not fifth grade. And my textbooks don’t have titles like ‘Lets learn English : The ABCs of the language’.  Sigh…those days…where art thou?

Exams. E x a m s. Exams. Exams.  Exa  I just can’t say it in a way that makes me feel less dreadful about it. 

Wish me luck. KanKan enters the battlefield, alone and unsupported.

hey all

long long beautiful vacation in a mindblowingly nice country resort…..i’ll tell you about it later…

btw, was just checking out other blogs and i think you’ll finally find the answer to why did the chicken cross the road here

and finally since i’m really sleepy…(my eyes are doing that thing where you close your eyes and they sting….)…so i’m gonna sign off now…..but you guys just have to answer the question i pose below:

Which is the 27th Letter of English Alphabet ??

R u looking for the answer ??

Very Good ….
Which School ..??