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I so totally abandoned my blog… it’s true….for nearly 8 months now, I have enjoyed a perfectly eventful, news-worthy life which I have simply not updated here. not that anyone’s reading. Hello empty-air, we meet again…

In the coming weeks, I hope to make this blog a major internet attraction, a blogebrity, if you will…*sits back and looks at the sentence with a warm fuzzy feeling. then considers putting her finger on the backspace button. and then a what-the-hell-who’s-reading-this-anyway moment*

Anyway, as the title mentions, I have a job now. a cool shiny IT job. ok alright, a cool shiny IT job with lots of training and learning and orientations in the process. but a job none-the-less. I’ve had to move to a different city and to a whole new set of people to hang out with. It’s been stressful but it’s been worth it. Fingers crossed for what’s ahead!




My weight obsession

Posted: March 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

I always knew I was over-weight. in a you-look-big-but-i-wouldn’t-call-you-fat way. Then I did get fat. Then started all those days of feeling fat but defiant about it (so what, I’ve got all these other qualities you know), of feeling weird shopping, of putting all my clothes in cold storage and wearing drab stuff…

aaaaaaaaanyway…I got a job last month and the thing about getting a new job was that I suddenly felt like a fraud. I used to have dreams of me being all grown-up and working and independent and in all those dreams I was always fit. always.

A month of obsessively weighing myself, obsessively reading labels and obsessively trawling the net for diet-friendly snack ideas and …TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…i’ve lost 10 kgs!!!!! it’s true…cross my heart and hope to die!!!

I’m soooooooooo super excited!!! my old clothes are out of cold storage (AND out of fashion)…but they fit!!

Yooohoooo…any jobs out there?

Posted: January 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

First Name:  ******

Last Name:  ****

Technical Knowledge: ???

ahhhhhhhhhhh…..this is the part I hate on my resume… and a new and shiny resume it is. A resume as yet untouched by experience and unblemished by even a completed degree. I try…

The thing about facing on-campus interviews though, with a pure-as-driven-snow resume is  that technical knowledge is like pre-recession real estate…its literally gold…feel like such an anti-donald trump right now…

anyhooooooooo….gtg… need to brush up on the afore-mentioned…


I’m going through this huge and painful writers’ block and i find that very hard to process. I mean, i’m fine with the block. Normal. Lots of people get that mental block when they set out to accomplish tedious i-hate-you jobs, but what’s with the writers’ block i’m going through?? I like to write and it’s not that i’m overdoing it either. Not your typical a-book-a-day prolific writer.

Anyway, more about that later. First off, there have been major forces (read examinations) in my life that have conspired against me getting a wax, a hair cut or anything else that might make me look even remotely presentable. I grimace each time I face the mirror these days and its hard not to notice cold looks. COLD. and disgusted.

What other poem is there?

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

“A poem is trapped inside me.
Metaphors catch at my lips,
words hover like butterflies
never settling on paper.
I have sat for hours writing your name on a blank page.
Only your name is beautiful. What other poem is there? ”



A most exquisite piece of writing. Originally in urdu,  I got the translation over here. When Shruti first showed it to me, I was all speechless silence and my-heart-just-missed-a-beat types…

In Between

(Alev Tekinay)

Every day I pack my suitcase
and then I unpack it again.

In the morning, when I wake up,
I plan my return,
but by midday I get more used
to Germany.

And every day I travel
two thousand kilometres
by my imaginary train
there and back,
undecided between
the wardrobe
and the suitcase,
and in between
is my world.

translated from german. I copied and pasted that from here.

I GRE’d the other day

Posted: October 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

tan-feetYep, I wrote the GRE the other day…and now I’m trawling the internet looking for like-minded(read like-score-ed) souls…

Also, the sun has taken a liking to me these days and seems to follow me around a lot with the effect that I now have a watch band on my wrist and my feet look like i’m wearing white strapped sandals all.the.time.

Sh is really busy with her project and is basically on ignore-everyone mode. Tj and Vr were really sweet and came down and hugged me today cos they said they were missing me but then promptly turned around and left… Not a good time for friends all around. (except for Sz. Always Sz.)