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Each day brings with it

Posted: June 7, 2009 in my views, random

Brings with it pain. and joy.
confidence. rejection.
acceptance. humiliation.
and sometimes the realization that you can hurt too.

ok, HEAVY…but I like surprising myself with these things. makes me feel all grown-uppy..


Ooooooooki… i’ve been soooo boring over the past few weeks… anyone visiting my little space would’ve noticed how i’ve been writing about weddings (weddings?! of all the…) and salt (like dude, seriously, what was that all about…)and even the odd rat under my bed…which has prompted me to do a little introspection…and introspect i have.

I now realize what’s the root cause behind my overwhelming desire to ditch the blog and start a rock band called “Smelly Undies”… it’s  college. That inverse utopia that makes me want to cry. It’s not that the horse was dead and and was still flogged, it’s more like the horse was flogged to death and a suicide note saying “I’m sorry, I chose this for myself” was taped to it.


ps: what if the donkey sued for inhumane…oh yeah..the donkey chose this…interesting..

I sniff…

Posted: November 12, 2008 in my life
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Hey all! I’m down with fever and so wasn’t able to update in quite a while… sniff, sniff! I really have mixed feelings about falling ill… I mean on the one hand, you get this weird gummy taste in your mouth and everything, i mean everything tastes bad…this coming from a foodie…

And on the other hand, you have all the fussing and the pampering… i really shouldn’t get used to this!!!

Oh and btw, i’m on cloud nine!!! Remeber the university fest thing i told you about??! I won first place in the dramatics section!!!! Actually, it’s the team…but what the hell, I love the feeling!!! Can you believe it!!! We won to the entire university!!! woohoo!!!

Btw, the temperature is really hitting record levels…. my brain hurts…ughhhh… you know what, since i don’t really have the energy to write anymore…why don’t you all just go read this very interesting post from somebody famous’ blog on how she’s feeling ill too

Until next time, cheers!