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the cell phone’s jaane tu story…

Posted: October 12, 2008 in my life, random
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i did say i hated the os of my cell phone but slowly and surely i am falling in love with my cell phone for no other reason than that it’s mine…all mine… the fact that i possess something makes me instantly fall in love with it…and so therefore my cell phone now has a girl friend… go ahead, congratulate it.


got a new cell phone today

Posted: October 9, 2008 in my life, random
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finally gathered enough courage to go and buy a new cell phone… i went there to buy a nokia out of loyalty…i mean the family always buys nokia…it’s our thing…but it was so frustrating to see that there was nothing good looking out there…anything i liked was like fully out of budget…

moment of rebellion

i bought a “fly” cell phone model v60. i hadn’t heard of the brand before but i came home and looked it up on the net and apparently it exists… i like the exterior and it has all the basics i needed…. but somewhere inside i absolutely hate the OS…i mean it’s ugly… so anyone who wants a cell phone with a sleek and smart OS should stay like 200 and a million miles away from this one…. just a small twange of regret there….but apart from that…cheers!!! new cell phone!…. better than i hoped for…i thought my parents would basically just not let me buy a new one…

btw, you can check out my new cell phone here.

and yes rumana (my sis!) full permission to flood my blog with comments!!!!