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It’s really just the weather

Posted: October 30, 2008 in my life
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I don’t what it is about this time of the year but these days i’m nearly always sleepy. I sleep for hours on end ( I mean non-night hours…generally post-lunch) and wake up having a weird gummy taste in the mouth that makes me want to go back to bed. Yes, summer is here and I am on hibernation mode. 

Of course, that should spell doom for my studies after all there’s only so much studying you can get done in, say, 6 hours of “awake” time. Bless me!

Anyways, i haven’t really told anybody about two of the best frinds in my life right now. Let me refer to them as S and Sh. This is college and you know how they say that college memories are very closely associated with the kind of friends you make now. I guess then, if i said my college memories are going to be fully fun and wacky then i won’t be very off the mark if I applied those same adjectives to my friends.

To begin with let’s give S the top to bottom look: Average height, slightly over weight , infectious smile, frizzy hair, typical salwar kameez, infectious laugh. Wacky, crazy friend and my most favorite person in the world right now( i know the grammar’s messed up but you have to understand that). 

before i toddle off, let me remind you that the results of the vtu fest thing are still due…. go ahead, fevicol your fingers to wood right away…

toodle doo