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Wooohooooo… congratulate me!!!!Today, I finally recieved the first comment that contradicts me on any topic!!!(considering the fact that my family reads this, it is in itself, i guess, an achievement..;) )

So, lets analyze … How It Was That Kanimas Got Her First negatif …

(or KanKan… can I call myself KanKan, dear reader? I quite like KanKan… sits nicely in most sentences.. oooooh look at that famous financier, KanKan!!!… say it with me KanKan…KanKan…KanKan…see… it even fits into the chant so well…)

First off, I decided to go and write about a really… what shall we say… controversial topic for all those teenaged girls not allowed to stay out after a certain time of the evening…it was about how men are weird are anyway

Secondly I took an approach that’s very…umm how shall i put it.. constructive criticism-y types… 

Thirdly, dear reader, I actually spoke about a class… a subset of men… clearly people still felt the need to generalize… should i have included a disclaimer??

(Disclaimer: The views expressed by KanKan are indeed about a subset of men and not about men in general…the subset generally includes gruff, 45+, shirt untucked with chappals kinda men…so in case u u don’t fit into that… well, u know…)

Now, let us analyze the comment itself (my first you know!…sniff!)


I am seriously asking have you seen or have done any studies on this topic.?
cause u dont have any other job and u r husband is some one like the men u described in the topic above..
any way i am not going to argue. come to india and go mumbai , banglore pune or delhi or any cities..and just watch..


Soooooo, I need to tell all of u that I really did a lot of research before writing that Indian men article. Seriously. The library staff at my engineering college will tell you tales of sleepless nights when i would murmur to myself  frantically through drooping lids, “have to do studies on this topic… have to…zzzzzzzzzz”..

Of course the fact that I

1)Already live in India

2)Am a twentyish thing and very husband-less at the moment

did not deter a certain someone from putting that here… nevertheless, I enjoyed it for what it was… an intellectual debate and most importantly constructive criticism… thanks samy, made my day!!!

Toodle doo


Of Indian men

Posted: November 3, 2008 in random
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In line with my new resolve to write about whatever i like because nobody is bothered about commenting, I have decided to invest a whole post to this very interesting concept of Indian men.

I would first like to draw your attention to a very interesting fact. Has anybody noticed how, in India, the ugliest of men always end up getting the most gorgeous wives? Always always… are these guys lucky or what?

Very interesting phenomenon… it’s true… you don’t even have to look hard, it’s staring you in the face all the time… More often than not your next door aunty is pretty decent looking as compared to the huband she’s stuck with. What do we blame this imbalance on? Is it that our women are just out-of-this-world-ly beautiful… not particularly…more like our men are just way way ugly…or worse…un groomed

What is it about men,particularly Indian men, that makes them want to be…umm how do I put it kindly… gross? 

Let’s look at the average Indian male closely.

Hairy chest is in…as is hair forming cute tufts inside the ears but little shocks of hair straight out of your nostrils really is the fad these days. And girls are crazy about that thing indian men do… where they combine dull grey pants with duller brown formal shirts or ooooh wait better… combine yellow pants with lime green t-shrits….

Men here take infinite pleasure in growing their nails about a foot long and applying the most hideous shade of orange nail polish. Sausage like fingers bound by some 5 or 6 thick gold rings is so heart-breakingly cute. And yes, hair dripping with coconut oil is a huge thing with girls these days… why else are all the guys adopting the look?

And yes, yes, me and you both agree, scratching armpits and other unmentionable places is actually a reflex and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. Ofcourse,you also can’t control the urge to use the roadside as your own portable toilet… absolutely understandable.

Oh!oh! look, mommy…. I like that one.. can we give him a good wash and get him ready for me??!

can’t hardly wait…