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allrighty… i had promised you all that i’d tell you about my vtu fest experience…

first of all there was the trip to bangalore by train… there is this amazing actor on the team that i’d like to introduce you all to, who i will call B for now… ┬áB is amazing at acting and believe me the trip would have basically become boring but for him… B entertained us with his “kudka” acting and guess what….at the end of it all…not only was the team watching him but so was the entire the crowd in the little bit of train we could call our own… including, believe it or not, tea and coffe vendors!!!

When we reached the host coll…..gosh…i was completely blown away by the beeeeeautiful accommodation(i’m sure i’ve ruined the spelling), mess and best of all the main stage set up thingy….i have to tell you in my own way that i completely louwd┬áloved it!!!!!mmmmmmwah!!!

ok the stuff that i participated in went like ok-ok… as in, i wasn’t the best there… but then agian i wasnt absolutely the worst…so thank god for that…fingers crossed…(even toes!)

but i guess this post really is all about the holiday package type treatment we had there so let me tell you that the host coll was greener than ,well, green… lush forest types n all that… the room reminded me of an international spa…which btw, was tucked in one of those greener than green corners i was talking about…

then there was the trip back where i befriended P who was btw,the greatest artist ever….

allrighty then…keep ya updated…tada